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The Making of helpshAck v2.0

05/18/2009 05:41 PM

A redesign of this website has been in the works for 4 years but had to wait until my children were a bit older. I’ve had time to think about how I wanted version 1.0 to evolve. At the top of the list was that it had to be accessible and pass the guidelines that w3c established for web standards. Next, it had to run off a CMS (Content Management System). Third, I wanted a blog.

This was not a small order. I had to learn many new things in designing the site you are currently viewing. I had to validate my pages along the way and learn to self-close tags and be well, less sloppy, in writing my xhtml. Third, I had to figure out how to actually use the CMS which took a paradigm shift from thinking about building my sites using static pages to using dynamic ones that interchanged information with txp tags.

When deciding on which CMS to use, I narrowed it down to two options: Textpattern and WordPress. Although I saw many beautiful websites running off of Expression Engine, I wanted something that was open source (i.e. free). A good read was Textpattern versus Wordpress which gave a thorough comparison of the two CMS's. Sites such as Hicks Design and Pull and Press were inspiring Textpattern examples while Stopdesign and ten24media were good billboards for WordPress.

I finally chose Textpattern (TXP) because of its reputed great web forum. I knew I would have lots of questions along the way and wanted a good support network to help me muddle through it all. This assumption proved true. I posted many questions (good and bad) and they were answered politely and quickly. This helped me to not get discouraged when I had troubles learning how to use txp tags.

Now that I have used TXP and feel more comfortable with building a blog I would like to experiment with WordPress. Then I could fairly compare the two for myself. I would like, specifically, to know which one would be easier for a non-technical client to update on their own. I guess this will be my next project.

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May 27, 01:04 PM

A nice read. It remembered me of the time when I began to learn both web standards and Textpattern, a few years ago. Of course, I’m still learning about them each day… there is always more fun to compute!

About the WP vs TXP… well, I’m a confesed TXP lover… and WP hater…

But, of course, I exhort you to test and learn WordPress. It may fit for you and your clients.

Regarding which one would be easier for a non-technical client… I don’t have too much to say, but just would like to add that while WP admin side looks nicer/cooler/etc, I find it a little cumbersome, while TXP may not look so nice or cool, although it is nicer for your clients.

My 2 cents.

And now, yes, congratulations for your new site!

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